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This video looks at the cold, industrial side of mass food production

I’m not trying to guilt anyone into ditching red meat or becoming a vegetarian! I don’t think the video is trying to do that either. But this clip has some eery, beautiful, scary shots- and it’s worth a look.

The Rugrats with Alia Shawkat, Mae Whitman, the other daughter on Parenthood, and that guy from Sky High and that movie with Julianne Moore that I saw in theaters.

This is so amazing and hilarious and terrifying that I’m not sure I could wrap my head around it after one viewing. Let me watch it 5 more times. Alia Shawkat- you have to play Chuckie for the rest of your life!! 

Where’s Suzie? Is this before the Carmichaels came to town? My sister just dressed like Suzie for a 90’s party for some college thing so the timing on this is perfect. 

Defined Lines- Blurred Lines Parody Stands up for Women!

You’ve probably seen this already- in the last 10 minutes I have run across 3 different sources sharing it on the Internet- but if you haven’t, watch it! This one is good. 

P.S. YouTube briefly took this video down due to it being inappropriate, but must have realized how incredibly stupid that was (double standard, anyone?) because it’s back up there.