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New App: Venmo

A Facebook friend just proudly posted about this app on Facebook and said that everyone should get it, so I checked it out and of course immediately downloaded it. It’s called Venmo and it’s a way to pay people for whatever without using cash. You just put your info in the secure app and add people and you can pay them for your share of dinner, for that cash they spotted you at the bar last night, or for picking you up some ice cream! You get it. 

Except I can’t use it unless everyone starts using it. So- get at it! 

I love technology. And my iPhone.

You all know how I love my gadgets.

THE FUTURE IS HERE!!! Apparently Google’s “Project Glass” is going to start testing it’s augmented reality glasses on the public “soon”!! They probably won’t enter the market any time this year, but when they do…I WILL BE EXCITED TO PUT THEM ON MY FACE AND SEE IF I CAN HANDLE THE FUTURE WITHOUT WALKING INTO A POLE..or a bus…

I discovered this awhile ago and have been meaning to share its awesomeness with all of you. How sweet is this app?! If you watch the video you’ll learn that looktel has created an app that can “see” money for the blind. Watch until the end to see it work when you’re holding bills normally, instead of the unrealistic table demonstration in the beginning.