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Dallas Buyers Club


Matthew McConaughey is really skinny, and he and Jared Leto make a great team in Dallas Buyers Club. There is my review. Done! 

Just kidding, no there’s more.

At this point everyone probably knows this as “the AIDS movie” that caused Matthew McConaughey to shed fat and muscle and become all skin and brittle bone, walking around LAX with tucked in shirts, being supported and dragged around by old ladies who suddenly found themselves to be stronger than Matthew McConaughey.

This is far from the first time we’ve seen McConaughey in a serious role, but some are saying this is the best he’s ever been. I thought about that good and hard. I saw both Killer Joe and Mud (didn’t see Lincoln Lawyer so I have no idea if that’s in this category too), and after serious consideration, I can say that this is the most grounded, real performance I have ever seen from him. (Does Bernie count as a serious role? That movie is more of a black comedy…).

Based on a true story, and a shoe-in for some Oscar noms, I suggest you go see it. 

The Selfish Giant- Trailer

Back in August I posted a clip of this movie, and I’ve been watching out for news of its US release ever since. The UK cinema and on demand release was October 25th, but there isn’t anything on when, or if, it’s coming out here. I wrote on the movie’s Facebook page to ask how Americans can watch it. Soooo….we’ll see if they respond.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire


It is finally here!!!! Last week I saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire on opening day, and I was not ready for it. While the previews were rolling I looked over at Nina and muttered “I’m not ready! It’s too soon!” and she echoed my thoughts. I wondered, should I have watched Hunger Games earlier in the week to prepare myself for all the awesome? It was too late to turn back. So onward we marched. 

And boy did this movie meet (and exceed!) my expectations. My pleasure with it was somewhat snuffed by boyfriend in the seat next to me, who was not in love with it as I was. But no matter! I was blocking out everyone else, trying to watch Katniss and Peeta and Prim and Cinna, and a new favorite of mine, Johanna! Seriously, how great is Jena Malone in this? 

I could go on… (Stanley Tucci- hilarious!) (Did anyone else confuse Mags/Wirress/Beetee for the same person while reading the book because they read it too fast?). I mean, let’s be real. Catching Fire has a thin, throwaway plot, and is definitely the worst of the books. Even so, they turned out a pretty entertaining movie! 

P.S. Dude who plays Finnick- you’re not fooling anyone with that attempt at an American accent!

Ender’s Game

Ok- it has now been a couple of weeks since I saw Ender’s Game, but I still remember most of my thoughts. Overall I thought it was a good movie with great special effects and passable acting from some big names. I include Asa Butterfield in that group; He might not be a household name but he’s had some good chances to show his talent and it’s obvious he has some.

I did read Ender’s Game in early 2012 and still remember the mood of the book. I wouldn’t have a complaint about this movie if it weren’t for the incredible disturbing, cold, raw emotion that the book portrays. The movie just doesn’t cut it where emotion is concerned. 

And I am still mad that Ender is so much older. 

Μόνο Οι Εραστές Μένουν Ζωντανοί by Flixgr

Only Lovers Left Alive- Trailer

Ehhhh…this movie looks mildly disturbing. Nothing in the trailer is disturbing…but I get the feeling this filck will be very We Need To Talk About Kevin weird. Not that that’s a bad thing! Only Lovers Left Alive gives us just what none of us want: more vampires. But it’s Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as vampires. Or only her and Mia are vampires? I don’t know. Will it be good? Probably. Will I watch it? Uh…Maybe. Yes. I don’t know.

Anton Yelchin is in it too- and I like him!



Who? Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Benicio del Toro, etc..

What? I can’t believe I hadn’t ever heard of this movie, because it was exceedingly entertaining. Brad Pitt somehow pulls off a believable gypsy… who is Irish? I can’t remember.. all I know is that a main plot point is that gypsies are almost impossible to understand, and I missed 1/3 of Pitt’s lines because I couldn’t make any sense out of them. 

Why? Watch it because I told you so! If you like the Ocean’s movies (11,12,13), you’ll like this one.

Life in a Day


Do you have Netflix? Are you looking for a movie to watch? Open to documentaries? Even if you aren’t open to documentaries, watch this one! Life in a Day is a beautiful look at humans’ everyday lives, all around the world. 


Surprisingly spectacular cinematography accompanies an intimate glimpse at day-to-day rituals that are so human. We see life that can be wildly different yet comfortingly familiar. This film offers a unique perspective that truly brings a sense of beauty to the mundane. 


Preface: I understand creative license with YA book-to-movie conversions. HP5 ruined my faith in that process long ago. However.

I recently heard this Brenton Thwaites (Aussie) dude was cast as the main character in The Giver. “Hm..that can’t be right,” I thought, “the main character in that book is like..12..” Then I heard Taylor Swift was cast in the movie and I thought “…maybe she’ll be a really young looking mom? Or..maybe she’ll be a random character involved in a different career path like one of those professional pregnant people, or the person who is in charge of security or something…”

I decided to Google it. I was startled by my findings. And pleased to find the above article. 

AHEM: Thwaites is playing 12 year old Jonas (well- he’s 12 in the book, he obviously won’t be in the movie), and Taylor is playing someone named “Rosemary,” for which there is no character description on SparkNotes. The character Jonas is supposed to have romantic stirrings for is called Fiona, who is being played by a 16 year old. 

I am not extremely surprised they went older for the upcoming Ender’s Game, Ender looks like he’s about 5 years older than he’s supposed to be. Ditto for the other kids up in space with him. But…12 years older for The Giver!? 12 is much different than 24. 

That is all. Make up your own minds! I think Jeff Bridges is hoping this dude’s hunk factor will make up for it.