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A self-portrait captured with the help of a GoPro at San Onofre. A hummingbird grabs a snack at the the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Arcadia. Two bicycles are caught in a stream of sunshine on Pico Boulevard under the 110 Freeway. A spider sits in a web in West Hollywood. A couple dances in the Olvera Street Plaza in downtown L.A. Many community members at Slab City make art from unwanted trash and recycled materials; here, a TV frames two broken chairs.


The best of October in SoCal

Once again, our readers prove their significant photographic talents with a collection of our photo team’s favorite submissions from October. If you have a picture you think could make the cut, submit it here, or on our Flickr group.

Check out the rest of the month’s photos over at Framework.

Photos: Sung Lee, Diogo Bessam, David Roberts, Skylar Aud, Lenny Lloyd De Silva, Holly Ellis


I searched “rain” on tumblr and all I got was posts by Los Angelinos talking about the rain. 

I’m going to add to the posts. It is raining! Quite a bit. I believe it is to blame for my lack of interest in waking up this morning. Rain can provide such a great lullaby. Maybe even better than St. Judy’s Comet? I’ll find that song and post it.

The Battle

Harry Gregson-Williams • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

I left the Air Conditioning on all night and what do you know- it made my apartment quite chilly! So, I’m paper-writing in my blanket and I’m back on my Narnia study-playlist! 

I’m ready for fall weather. But it isn’t going to happen for awhile. Damn you Los Angeles! That’s ok, I’ll just re-create fall with my air conditioning.


Beer Belly

I ate here last night after class. “Beer Belly” had a really cool vibe, and very friendly staff. It’s located on Western Ave in LA, but it’s pushed back away from the street so you wouldn’t likely see it as you drive past. 

The food was tasty and the atmosphere was great, but what I was really excited about was their digital jukebox. With an iPhone you can download the free Remote app, go into the Beer Belly music library, and select the songs you want to hear! There are also options to vote for what songs on the list you’d like to hear most. 

I figured it would also work on my laptop’s music library, so I tried it when I got home. It does!! If you want to try it out all you have to do is make sure Sharing is turned on in your advanced controls in iTunes!

Spring Break 2011


Did you miss me? 

If so blame the Hilton Checkers in LA and their shoddy internet that costs $10 a day. 

My visit to USC was a success and I’m pretty much set on attending. We staked out apartments and their respective neighborhoods and made sure to hit up a few of our favorite places to eat in SoCal. (Wahoo’s…Park Pantry..In & Out…Ruby’s..). We also discovered some new places to eat. We ate at Bottega Louie (2 blocks from the hotel=convenient!!) 3 times. Behold a couple of their desserts: 


All of their desserts looked like they came right out of Paris. I swear.

I also got to familiarize myself with LA which was supremely helpful since I’m a beach town native and not used to traversing big bad LA.

I have lots of videos from the trip that I’m going to put into one big video but since that may take a while because I’ll have to edit and such, I’ll probably upload some of them on their own for you to see. Look forward to some of that coming later this week!

Night Night!