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Are you ready to have some fun exploring the universe in the comfort of your chair?

Google is seriously kicking ass with some of their projects. Visit this site to explore the 100,000 stars visualization. Some advice? Press “play” in the top left corner to see just how cool it is before you move through the universe on your own. 

You all know how I love my gadgets.

THE FUTURE IS HERE!!! Apparently Google’s “Project Glass” is going to start testing it’s augmented reality glasses on the public “soon”!! They probably won’t enter the market any time this year, but when they do…I WILL BE EXCITED TO PUT THEM ON MY FACE AND SEE IF I CAN HANDLE THE FUTURE WITHOUT WALKING INTO A POLE..or a bus…

Vernal Equinox

Happy First Day of Spring! (March 20th, I know technically for the west coast it’s still March 19th right now)

I only know this because of google, which is now one of the only ways I find out about these sorts of things.

It has been chilly and rainy in LA. I wonder if Southern California springs include as much rain as Chicago springs do..hmm..

I like to imagine that the leaves in this image are shooting up towards the tree, given that the colors are much more springtime than fall.