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Hunger Games: Catching Fire


It is finally here!!!! Last week I saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire on opening day, and I was not ready for it. While the previews were rolling I looked over at Nina and muttered “I’m not ready! It’s too soon!” and she echoed my thoughts. I wondered, should I have watched Hunger Games earlier in the week to prepare myself for all the awesome? It was too late to turn back. So onward we marched. 

And boy did this movie meet (and exceed!) my expectations. My pleasure with it was somewhat snuffed by boyfriend in the seat next to me, who was not in love with it as I was. But no matter! I was blocking out everyone else, trying to watch Katniss and Peeta and Prim and Cinna, and a new favorite of mine, Johanna! Seriously, how great is Jena Malone in this? 

I could go on… (Stanley Tucci- hilarious!) (Did anyone else confuse Mags/Wirress/Beetee for the same person while reading the book because they read it too fast?). I mean, let’s be real. Catching Fire has a thin, throwaway plot, and is definitely the worst of the books. Even so, they turned out a pretty entertaining movie! 

P.S. Dude who plays Finnick- you’re not fooling anyone with that attempt at an American accent!

Catching Fire

I finished Catching Fire yesterday. (The second Hunger Games book). Barnes & Noble was out of paperback so instead of paying the $8 I did for Hunger Games, I had to buy the book for $18, but it was worth it. They told me they didn’t know when they’d get more paperback in and I couldn’t wait. It also didn’t occur to me to try the Barnes & Noble in the next town over, I was blinded by the desire to find out what happens next. 

As I watched X-Men this weekend I was looking at Jennifer Lawrence and trying to gage how well she’ll be as Katniss, the protagonist. Based on her performance in Winter’s Bone I knew she’d be able to pull it off, but seeing how well she transitioned into a totally different character for X-Men made me that much more confident. 

I can’t believe I have to wait until 2012 for the movie. 

I’ll read the final book soon.