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Beautiful Creatures


This movie was almost awesome. Almost. Such a great cast…pretty cool story…great potential. They all had awesome southern accents. Emma Thompson for the win!!!

So many technical problems. 

First- the main dude. He looks leagues beyond 16 years old. He has man hands. I looked him up- he’s 23. Nice try guy. This movie was set in some tiny southern town and they make a point to get across the fact that it is poor: this guy has ray-ban eyeglasses. (And the preacher is wearing what looks like a $4000 suit).

Second- Emmy Rossum. I could see the glue on her scalp from the two wigs they put her in.

Speaking of the makeup department- when you paste your main character in white makeup- do a better job- think…Kristen Stewart pale not…mime pale. 

Third- what was with the horrible editing? In one scene every shot of Jeremy Irons is crisp and clear, and every shot of the two main characters is blurry. And trust me, it was not supposed to be.

Personal beef- I wish all movies would use the same music from their movie in their trailer- because if you see the trailer and part of the awesome impact is the song, that song better be in the movie. When Harry Potter trailers would come out, they had the HP score, not some other randomness. Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils” was in this trailer and it was epic. It was nowhere to be heard in the movie. Not even the start of the credits.